Living through strong winds or a hailstorm can feel like living on a battlefield. When the storm stops, the cleanup will begin and with this include getting estimates, finding a reputable contractor, and dealing with all insurance headaches just to get your roof repaired.


At ADV CONSULTING LLC, we work to ensure each of our customers receive a settlement for ALL damages to their property that is in the best interest of the property owners, NOT just the insurance companies!

Our team has specially trained catastrophe specialists and insurance adjusters. With our expert representation, one of our trained catastrophe specialists will visit you and inspect, measure, as well as take any necessary photos for your insurance company.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control the roof repair process with the help of Advanced Roofing. To get started, contact (224) 401-9152.

Helping You through Every Step of the Process

After conducting a thorough assessment of the damage, our catastrophe specialists will instruct clients on how to file and manage your claim. They will also meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure that all the damage is accounted for. Once your insurance company mails out your documents showing their estimated scope of loss, this information is given to our adjusters who will invoice your insurance company for any additional damage that the original adjuster may have missed. We also make sure all materials are estimated at their current prices, so your property can be fully repaired.

Why Choose Our Roofing Company?

Advanced Roofing has set a new standard when it comes to quality roofing services. With our dedication to helping clients, meticulous roofing processes, excellent products, and lasting results, we are the only roofing contractors you will ever need.

  • The benefits of hiring Advanced Roofing include:
  • Experienced and professional roofers
  • Wind and hail experts
  • Insurance claim help available
  • Free inspections and estimates

From roof repairs to replacements and new installations, our Chicago roofing team will make sure you have a strong, durable roof on your residential or commercial property. We also provide services for gutters, sidings, and more.


Your homeowner’s insurance policy protects the roof over your head. Should your roof sustain serious damage from a falling tree, lightning strike, huge downpour, or even pummeling hail, you’ll want to find a Chicago roofing company who is willing to work with your insurance company, so you can get your home fixed and back to normal as quickly as possible.

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